At Aium Ltd. we’re firmly committed to quality. That’s why we create the best flavour while taking care over the nutritional profiles of our products, with the aim of being right behind our consumers and carry on feeding generation after generation, day after day.

Our mission is to build leading brands and offer consumers the best products, always guided by our ethical commitment to quality. With this in mind, we seek excellence through:


  • Rigorous selection and proper management of raw material and packaging suppliers so as to produce foods that meet our customers and consumers’ demands.

  • High standards for our products, seeking top quality and food safety, taking as a reference the UNE – EN ISO 9001 and UNE- EN ISO 22000 standards.

  • A constant commitment to continuous improvement of our processes and products, seeking efficiency without sacrificing our essence.

  • Innovation taking the consumer as the central focus, actively listening to their needs.

  • Clear, friendly and responsible communication with consumers.

  • Paying close attention to our customers and consumers, listening to their suggestions and seeking a source of improvement in them.

  • Making sure our products are there where they will find the consumer.

  • A commitment to sustainability that enables us to make our products in a way that cares for our environment and our social context.


At Aium Ltd. we are committed to caring for the environment and therefore we don’t use ingredients or additives which are or come from geneticallymodified organisms (GMOs) to make our products.