PALADIN is the number 1 brand in Spain. The company is headquartered in Barcelona and was established in 1940.

Beautiful Hot Chocolate

Paladin is one of the best chocolate powder you can find in the market. A nice sweet taste with his beautiful chocolate taste and giving you the option to have the thickness that you love, making Paladin Number 1 brand in Spain.

Create an authentic Spanish Gourmet

This month let celebrate the end of summer with some nice

" Chocolate con churros "

Have fun with your family and friends making some churros with the new churro maker.

Choco News

Finally, we have the Churro Maker!! So many you ask me for one and now is in stock.


Now is time to make some Churros and enjoy with a nice thick cup of chocolate. If you have question for how to make the churros, please send a message and we'll try reply asap.



Also, we still working with the location map where you'll able soon to know where you find and buy Paladin if you prefer going to the shop to buy it.


Remember, we still doing the free delivery with any order from our website..





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